Will You Listen?


When a mother loses her only son, will you turn away from me and run?

Will the reality of how it happened make you uneasy?

I was promised he would be safe if I just listened to how things needed to be.

Did you stop to listen when we asked if 9 vaccines were safe, did you care to see?

He has allergies they confessed, dark circles are the reality of this.

You cannot say he died from this because a month did progress.

He had the strength of 15 men, he was fierce and strong, and relentless.


How did his strength and joy diminish, was it his time to relinquish?

How does a boy regress so quickly when all he did was love completely?

So tell me now that the shots you gave him, did not end a life so shortly antiquated.

I try and make sense of the story you gave me, that every child fits so perfectly into a mold of a schedule not tested, you took his life, you took our future.

Nobody is held accountable and I am left alone in this life so insurmountable.

You could have done them one at a time, instead, you killed him in his prime.

I’ll never see my son grow up, you took my love and life from me.

So stop and think next time they say that every child is built the same way.





Author: Stacy Alamond (Wurz), Mother to Johnathan

I am a mother fighting to ensure that vaccines are safe and effective FOR ALL. My son Johnathan passed away after he was given 9 doses of vaccines. Our children are suffering and dying from adverse effects of vaccinations. I believe in the CHOICE to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. I am against medical tyranny that will come from mandatory vaccination. Protect your bodies, your children, and your freedom of religion before the government takes control.

2 thoughts on “Will You Listen?”

  1. Your boy is so precious. Thank you for sharing his memory. My first son was born in the year 2000 and I did whatever the doctor said. He did have ear infections and tubes put in his ears and he still seems like he has attention problems but thank God he is OK. My second son has had one vaccination his whole life and he is almost 3. He is way healthier compared to my older sons childhood. I thought maybe I would finish his vaccinations after his speech was fully developed but seeing your sons story now I know that I will not vaccinate him. I only got the first one Dtap when he was three months old because my mom scared me into it. I cannot believe that any doctor would not space these out especially for infants. I am enraged and will talk to anybody that will listen to me! I was dropped from my pediatrician because I would not vaccinate because they are getting paid from big Pharma for fully vaccinating their infants. Disgusting. I am so very sorry for your loss. There are no words for the pain in your heart. I wish I could ease your pain. I pray that you have a relationship with Jesus sent to cover our sins. Our lives here are temporary and I pray because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross that you and your son will be reunited. He is safe, fulfilled and in the arms of God now!


    1. Julie,

      Thank you for visiting Johnathan’s page and for reading his story. Unfortunately, our children are part of a dangerous plan where pre-existing conditions are not taken into consideration before they give them all sorts of shots filled with chemicals and heavy metals. I wish doctors could just take some time to do their own research and understand the risks of vaccinating with so many shots at one time. I wish they really had some idea of the adjuvants that these shots contain. I think I would have given up a long time ago if it wasn’t for my faith. He is the only one still holding me up and urging me to keep fighting for these children in Johnathan’s name and in His. God Bless You and your children.


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