Johnathan’s Journey

Johnathan’s Journey

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Today, one year ago today, the world lost the most amazing little boy named Johnathan or as he aptly called himself, Sunshine.

A medical examination was conducted as to what took my sweet son’s life, but the cause was left as undetermined with no medical explanation. Well, I am the type of person who refused to accept a non-answer as an explanation for anything, especially when it came to the loss of my only son.

I have spent every moment since researching, speaking with others, and reading medical journals to find answers. This is Johnathan’s story and the hope I hold is that you learn from my loss to prevent your own. We all need to know what’s really being injected into our children through vaccines and also understand that the amount given at one time is unconscionable.

These are my findings, harrowing experiences as a grieving mother, and my advice regarding a topic that’s been considered taboo for way too long. Open your eyes to the knowledge that is right in front of you and save the future for our children.



Author: Stacy Alamond (Wurz), Mother to Johnathan

I am a mother fighting to ensure that vaccines are safe and effective FOR ALL. My son Johnathan passed away after he was given 9 doses of vaccines. Our children are suffering and dying from adverse effects of vaccinations. I believe in the CHOICE to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. I am against medical tyranny that will come from mandatory vaccination. Protect your bodies, your children, and your freedom of religion before the government takes control.

4 thoughts on “Johnathan’s Journey”

  1. I completely understand your journey, as I’m on the same mission for my 8 month old sweet girl, Aria. We, too, are investigating vaccines. If I knew what I know now…..
    Keeping you in my prayers and in my heart. A mother should not have to bury their child. It is an indescribable pain. Thank you for sharing. You have inspired me to keep moving forward with sharing Aria’s story.


    1. Katrena,

      You are doing the right thing obtaining as much information you can for your child and it’s so much better to have that knowledge before you walk into the pediatrician’s office. The knowledge they obtain is massive, but unfortunately, vaccines are just one short page out of their book. Be prepared, because some doctors will question you and they might even deny service. Don’t get frustrated or give in. Look for that pediatrician who puts children first and will listen to your concerns for your child. Under my resource page, there is a link to doctors who are patient and understanding when it comes to vaccinating, not vaccinating, and spacing them out. I wish you the best of luck with Aria and my heart is with both of you. If you ever need advice or information, please reach out to me. xoxo



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