The Fight


On February 25, 2017, I lost my 4-year-old son Johnathan to a nine-dose cocktail of vaccinations. They wreaked havoc on his brain causing a grand mal seizure that he never woke up from.

Since then, I have learned that not all children can handle the adjuvants that are contained within the vaccines. The safety of multiple vaccines and the entire CDC schedule of vaccines has not been tested in its entirety. The limited testing that has been done has compared vaccines against other vaccines and not vaccines against a true placebo.

We must demand proper scientific testing and a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study.

Pharmaceutical companies should be held liable for the damage their products create, but they aren’t. They haven’t been since the government gave them immunity in 1986. (

Please read my blogs and familiarize yourself with the resources provided.

I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through ever again!!



10 thoughts on “The Fight”

  1. I’m so sorry for you and your family, I’m afraid for all of us, I believe we are fighting a losing battle, but I will fight to my last breath. Detoxing seems to help, I have been detoxing for a year now and I have ups and downs but clearly it is our only hope to remove the toxic poison they are forcing on us. What is happening today is present day genocide


    1. It is never a losing battle if we can help even one child live and not suffer from lifelong neurological setbacks. I worry for when ultimately vaccines will be mandatory and the government takes control of our bodies. I feel like this is something we will see in our lifetimes and ultimately have started seeing already. I have had people tell me, well vaccines have saved millions, your son was an unfortunate case of someone who reacted poorly to vaccines, but overall vaccines save lives. It’s disgusting, hurtful. and the media has exacerbated the entire issue.


  2. Hi Stacey, I don’t even have words. I didn’t know about your precious son Johnathan until now or I would have reached out sooner. It is very generous of you to share with us . In spite of the insensitive, fear driven comments some people have unfortunately shared with you, it hasn’t hindered your work in honering Johnathans life and helping people which I thank you for. Love and light

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  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully it will motivate people, especially parents, to educate themselves on the danger & inefficacy of vaccines as well as what they can do politically or within their community to fight for informed consent / the right to refuse.


    1. Thank you Kaitee! It is always my hope that people don’t blindly follow the advice of their doctor concerning vaccines or any other medical procedure. Even before I learned about the dangers of vaccines I always strived for a second opinion in other matters when I didn’t quite feel comfortable. I wish I had done my research before this happened to my son. We spend so much time looking at the ingredients in our food-we need to also look at what is being injected into our bodies.


  4. Passed your son’s picture on 81, so I researched him. What you are doing works….as I now am more aware as are others I am sure


    1. Candy, It means the world to me that you reached out to me. Thank you for noticing my beautiful boy. People need to know that not all children react the same way to vaccines. Just like, not all people react to medicine the same way. How I wish more research would be done to protect our children. That is what I wish for with all my heart.


    1. Wolfgang, Thank you for reaching out and for sharing Quentin’s story. I am so glad he has recovered although it sounds like it was a difficult road for him. Thank goodness he has parents who never gave up and helped him overcome something that should never have happened to him. I have a 13-year-old stepson who reacted in a similar way to the meningitis shot. It was at the beginning of my relationship with his father, so although I shared my opinion, his father wanted to make sure he stayed in school. My husband has woken-up now, but ever since that vaccine, he experiences chronic fatigue and 2 weeks after he had an enlarged spleen. I wish with all my heart people would realize that some of our children are affected and it’s not 1 in a million. So many people classify us as anti-vaxxers when I scream “I did Vaccinate” and look what happened to my child. I wish I had been when they call me now. My child would still be here. Thank you for your support.


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